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Management System

Building System Standardization,  Achieving Your Organization Objectives
An Integrated Management System is a vital foundation for any organization. It has to be carefully designed to streamline processes for operational effectiveness. The unparalleled success of our unique capacity building approach will assure your goal to conformity is achieved in the most effective and efficient manner.

Be it quality, safety, environmental, risk or sustainable solutions, we are your global partner for business success.


Ability to make incremental improvement is the aim of every organization. To achieve this, organizations need an effective system that facilitates activities within it. Organizations are not only reaping short term benefits from a self-sustaining system but it is actually developing an essential foundation for organizational culture.  Our training programmes are time tested  for organizations to develop a self-sustaining system.
Management System Standards

Management System Standards

Needs for standardization for achieving a particular business objective.
Industry Specific Standard

Industry Specific Standards

Used to address additional requirements for certain industry.


Management System

Management System is a proven framework of processes and procedures, which provide guidance for an organization to accomplish all the required tasks to achieve a specific business objective. Management System standards are often used when there is a need for standardization to achieve a particular business objective, such as for achieving customer’s requirements, regulation compliances and conforming to environmental or health and safety objectives and many more. Development of a standard usually involves international effort involving group of experts industry, NGOs, governments and other stakeholders.  There are also Industry Specific types of Management System Standards which are being used to address additional requirements for certain industry.


Management System Standards

Management System Standards are suitable for any organizations, large or small, whatever the product or service and regardless of the sector of activity. These standards can be integrated within the group or to other industry specific ones, providing a unified focus for the organization. It saves on resources, time, ambiguities and conflict.

Industry Specific Standards

Industry Specific Management System Standards refer to standards that are unique to one particular industry which generic standards are not able to address. These standards can also be integrated within the group or to other generic Management Systems Standards. 

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