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Online Course Understanding 5S Principles

Course Description

5-S is the renowned and proven philosophy and methodology for organizing, cleaning, developing, and sustaining a productive and functional work environment which focuses on improving quality, safety, morale, productivity and efficiency.  It provides the fundamentals to maintain discipline in the workplace. The final outcome of 5S implementation is the marked improvement to the organization’s productivity and profitability.

Why this course?

This course provides a detailed definition and activities of deployment by each ‘S’ principle.  It is particularly useful as a foundation for those who wish to be trained as 5S coordinators.  It is also useful for staff in preparation for 5S programme implementation so that they know what to expect and how to implement.

What will I learn?

By the end of the course learners will be able to:
  • Understand the principles of 5-S.
  • Understand the benefits of 5-S and workplace efficiency.
  • Understand and have the knowledge on the definition and implemention by each ‘S’ principle

Course Structure

  • Introduction
  • Understanding 5S Principles
  • Seiri
  • Seiton
  • Seiso   
  • Seiketsu
  • Shitsuke

How long will it take?

The course is designed in a series of lessons that will require participants to follow a sequential structure with test at the end of the course to gauge understanding.

The course can be completed in 4 hours straight or over a period of time.  We recommend not to exceed one week so that participants do not lose the learning momentum.

How to register?

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