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Operational Excellence

Creating Optimum Process Performance For Your Business

With the current economic climate, continuous improvement is now a necessity for survival. Organizations need to strive for Operational Excellence to create value and to sustain business growth. A well structured programme that delivers sustainable improvement can drive performance optimization by achieving more with less.

For every organization, the path towards excellence needs to match its value and objectives, with the right focus to get the right results. The cornerstone of Operational Excellence comprises 3 key main elements:
These 3 key elements play pivotal roles in enabling smooth operations, enhancing skills and making ideas work.

BSI Neville Clarke’s Operational Excellence Model focuses on harmonizing the 3 key elements namely Process Management, Key Performance Management and Guided Innovation Management with the objective of business sustainability. Our solutions seek to achieve and maintain a balance between financial gains, customer needs, operational process and continual personal development within the organization.


Manage the input to get the desired output

Any activity is considered as a process and to ensure a process is properly managed it requires a 2-pronged approach.

These approaches are problem solving for day to day operations and continual process improvement to achieve business goals effectively.

Problem solving is an essential skill for any organization - be it in the workplace or on a personal basis. Having the right problem solving methodology with both quantitative and qualitative tools enables the problems to be solved effectively and efficiently in a timely manner.

Problem Solving and Process Improvement

Process improvement is a proactive approach to identifying, analysing and improving existing business processes towards optimization.

Our problem solving and process improvement training include, but is not limited to the following: Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, Business Process Improvement (BPI), Kaizen and a wide range of Problem Solving Methodologies.




What gets measured, gets managed

Performance Management provides an organization with the direction and focus to achieve business goals.

BSI Neville Clarke’s approach starts with understanding the vision, mission and strategy of an organization including your desired results and key performance indicators (KPIs).

This enables us to provide the training you require to expand your focus beyond overall business goals to specific measurable indicators at all levels from organizational to departmental, and finally - individual.

We provide you the skills to manage organizational performance seamlessly by avoiding obstacles and diversions to reach your goal directly.

Key performance management



More and Better : FASTER

For innovation management creativity is the core and the end goal is a change in business processes.

Ideas shall remain as ideas if we don’t implement them. Frequently, great ideas remain so because there is no action. Therefore, it is important to acquire a structured method of generating ideas from brainstorming to generating useful ideas. At BSI Neville Clarke, we rely on the TRIZ-based principles to generate innovative ideas in the fastest possible timeframe with a focus on effective solutions.

Our Guided Brainstorming and Innovation Process is a systematic technique that can be used by individuals and teams to address well-defined and complex problems.

Guided brainstorming and innovation process

We give you the skills to establish a framework for cross functional teams to accelerate innovation in both process and product design.


You can trust BSI Neville Clarke’s established solutions in Operational Excellence. We can assist you and your organization in:


  • Certifying change agents
  • Conducting Train-the-Trainer for specific Operational Excellence toolset
  • Conducting training & workshop for all levels
  • Conducting in-house programme deployment


  • Assessment on Lean & Six Sigma tools’ application
  • Proces Improvement projects assessment
  • Lean & Six Sigma Program maturity gap assessment
  • Effectiveness assessment of improvement implementation plan
  • Shop floor gap assessment for improvement


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