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Neville Clarke Group & Vision

Neville Clarke is a leading consultancy and training organisation specialising in providing Training Led Consultancy™. With more than 25 years of experience, we have firmly established our professional services  in the region.  Neville Clarke employs more than 150 dedicated professionals today.

Our vision is to be the preferred Global Partner for Business Success through effective, innovative training and consultancy solutions.

Neville Clarke in United Kingdom

Neville Clarke is a wholly owned UK company with all of its operating units in South East Asia and China. It is uniquely placed to help European companies align their Far East operations to the desired operating level of the parent company.

Whether it is resolving operating issues or training overseas staff to current standards any intervention needs to be conducted with full understanding of the local culture for it to be fully successful.   Our trainers and consultants are not ex pats but fully qualified locals who can engage with the Far East business unit staff in a very deep and meaningful way.

Singapore has long provided an operating hub to countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China, and has one of the highest education levels in the region with a very high understanding of Western business culture and methodology.  With programme management operating from Singapore utilising local onsite consultants and trainers, programme management can be fully aligned to your needs.

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Neville Clarke in South East Asia and China

In South East Asia and China, our footprints lie in many different countries across Asia Pacific Region and United Kingdom, and with our diversity of cultures and strengths, we inspire and consistently deliver top performance and value to our clients, meeting local requirements with established world class best practices.

At Neville Clarke, we place an emphasis on effective, innovative training and consultancy solutions, empowering our partner for global success. Clients recognise Neville Clarke as the leading brand for its dedication to quality, excellent customer services and innovative business solutions.

Our list of clientele includes many organisations with very diverse profiles, ranging from small to large corporate enterprises across various industries. These include multinational and regional corporations, public listed companies, ministries, statutory bodies, as well as government-linked companies.
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Proven Experiences in Business Improvements

The ability to continually and consistently make business improvements is a critical factor to achieve sustained success. It is this belief that we hold since we first started in 1988. In Neville Clarke, we provide organisational training and consultancy to achieve this result. We assist organisations by translating their business goals into strategy and actions that bring lasting results.

Our Unique Approach : Training Led Consultancy™

We are passionate about achieving Assurance, Performance and Engagement. We achieve these through our uniquely researched Training Led Consultancy™ approach. Neville Clarke Training Led Consultancy™ approach brings people within the organisation together, working towards the same goal, by adopting an efficient and time tested methodology.

Assurance Engagement Performance


We are committed in providing value and excellent service to all our clients and partners by:

  1. Ensuring efficient and innovative knowledge transfer.
  2. Facilitating and enhancing management competency.
  3. Delivering effective solutions across the business processes.

... to ensure our clients and partners achieve business excellence and success.


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