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Unleashing Human Potential for Success

All world class and great organizations are successful, because they have within them, great leadership and great teams.
Great leaders, great teams are not born but nurtured, and made. Raw talents need to be groomed, nurtured, and developed, to achieve peak performance.
BSI Neville Clarke's people development and talent development programmes are carefully developed, with the aim to engage individuals, in such a way that it will enhance the delegates ability to unleash the BEST in them to make an impactful, and transformative difference.
We are proud to share and present three effective options, and series of modules, each with its unique treatment, according to your development needs.  


Designed and integrated the hard skill with the soft skills needed.


Greater interaction and discover deeper exploration of subjects.




Focus on specific new skills, method or tools and applying through actions.

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What is LEAP?


To achieve long-term success, organizations need to develop their key personnel and talents into leaders who need to perform at their peak performance. 

BSI Neville Clarke’s LEAP series is designed to equip the delegates to handle the formidable challenges associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex roles, in order to achieve sustainable peak performance.

Our unique LEAP programmes is designed with interactive learning, LEAP - takes into consideration the ever challenging business environment and the need to be at the TOP with peak performance.

As such, we have integrated the hard skill (essential tools in operations and business) with the soft skills needed to meet the challenges ahead as we believe we need both skills set, to be effective, and competent world beaters.

In addition, DiSC® personal and team assessment tool is used within our LEAP programme to understand individual behavioural style and how it affects communication, teamwork, how each individual respond to conflict, what motivates each individual, and how one solves problems.

Each LEAP programme starts with knowing each individual behavioural style and of their team, more importantly, how to build successful teamwork to achieve peak performance. Organizations will be able to have each individual discovering themselves, working better with their colleagues and being able to apply the learned solutions from the LEAP programme back to the workplace.


Highlights :

  • Development of key personnel to be a well-balanced, productive, competent, and adept communicator to meet business challenges.
  • Each of the LEAP programmes is conducted in 4 modules, where there is a lapse in between each module to enable delegates to review and reflect learning outcomes before the next module.
  • There will be individual DiSC® profiles and team DiSC® for each delegate.
  • Sustainable results from personalized follow-up over the programme period. 

Our LEAP Program consists of the following categories:

  • LEAP For Talents
    • Module 1: Impactful Communication
    • Module 2: Team Leadership
    • Module 3: Increasing Team Productivity
    • Module 4: Presentation on improvements and learning
  • LEAP For Engineers
    • Module 1: Impactful Communication
    • Module 2: Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Module 3: Project Management Skills
    • Module 4: Presentation on improvements and learning
  • LEAP For Managers
    • Module 1: Impactful Communication
    • Module 2: Leadership & Management
    • Module 3: Strategic Management & Decision Making
    • Module 4: Presentation on improvements and learning

* 'DiSC' and 'Everything DiSC' are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  BSI Neville Clarke collaborates with Starting Point Pte. Ltd., an Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner.


By attending our masterclass series, the delegates will experience greater interaction and gained deeper understanding of subjects, which enables them to unleash their talents further, to grow, perform, manage and meet the challenges of change. They will be able to demonstrate and apply the key skills acquired, at their workplace from our post training assignments where there is structured follow up actions plans for discussion with their superiors or peers after the masterclass. This will help them to improve and contribute to the organization with tangible and visible transformation, in terms of performance and business results.

Within the masterclass series, there are certified management courses where it is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, a professional institution for management based in United Kingdom in collaboration with Elisha. Delegates going through this certification will be looking at attaining a certified management course which will lead to a Managerial Professional qualification. It is also a starting point for delegates to discover the vast resources and support that comes with the certification and enhances professional reputation. 


  • Acquiring knowledge and application of skills and make a difference to individual and organizational performance.
  • Hands on activities during the masterclass sessions to ensure transformation of key areas.
  • In-depth sharing of knowledge and interactions with other delegates in the class.
  • World class Accredited programmes from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

Masterclass series 

  • Achieving High Performance Results through People
  • Confident Communication
  • EI for Workplace
  • Impressive Presentation Skills
  • Improving Personal Effectiveness and Productivity
  • Managing People for Success
  • Training Excellence: Train the Trainer
  • 21st Century Supervisory Skills

Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK Accredited Programmes

  • CMI Leadership Practice
  • CMI Principles, skills and impact of coaching and mentoring
  • CMI Performance Management
With over 80,000 members, the Chartered Management Institute is the leading organization in United Kingdom representing professional management. CMI qualifications acknowledge excellence in management and range from courses. These management learning courses lead to accredited professional qualifications which are internationally recognised.

Benefits of the CMI Accredited programmes are increasing performance, enhancing professional reputation and dramatically boost career. More than 80% of managers said that a CMI qualification is a key part of becoming a professional manager, and that transferring their new skills also improved the performance of their team.


The Bitesize half day learning sessions  provide organizations with maximum returns for a minimal investment of people time, balancing busy work schedules with skills development. The focus is very much on learning specific new skills, methods, or tools and applying them through actions in the workplace. Our bitesize sessions support learners by refreshing skills, acquiring skills or quickly up-skilling.



  • Quick overview and accelerated learning for a specific and particular skill or subject matter.
  • Quick upskilling of a specific skill without blowing the budget.
  • Short sessions which saves your time and provide least disruption to busy schedules.
  • Able to include more delegates and team members at your workplace.

Bitesize sessions 

  • Acting on Stakeholder Feedback
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Brilliance at Resilience
  • The Change House
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Different Perspectives
  • Emotional Intelligence – Introducing EI
  • The Fine Art of Feedback
  • Giving Feedback
  • Keeping Customers
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Less Stress
  • Managing Change
  • Mind Maps
  • People and Performance
  • Positive Psychology – An Introduction to NLP
  • Project Perfection
  • Solving Problems Creatively
  • Taking Control of your Career
  • Working Together – Six Thinking Hats

Other Solutions

Psychometric tools and in-house training or workshops

  • Everything DiSC
    • Everything DiSC Workplace
    • Everything DiSC Management
    • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
    • Everything DiSC Sales
    • Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders 
    • Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report
  • 5 Behaviours Of A Cohesive Team
  • Bespoke Competency Assessment
  • Team Dimensions Profile 2.0
  • Personal Listening Profile
  • Time Mastery Profile

Talent Management

  • Talent Identification, Selection & Assessment
  • Talent Validation
  • In-house talent development programmes
  • Talent Review

Customised 360 degree feedback
Coaching & Mentoring

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