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Telecommunications - TL9000

Overview of TL9000

The TL9000 Quality Management System (QMS) was initially created by QuEST (Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications) Forum to meet the quality requirements of the telecommunications industry globally. In line with the evolving demographics of telecommunications from voice to data, TL9000 has now been expanded to cover ICT industry, i.e. information, communications and telecommunications. TL9000 certification helps to assure buyers of consistent quality across all products and services. It helps to drive supply chain efficiencies. By selecting TL9000-certified suppliers, companies are assured that they have a QMS that has been systematically audited by an independent TL9000 registrar. Furthermore, the unique measurement system facilitates data analysis against industry benchmark. It provides the basis for objective product or supplier evaluations to make fully informed supply decisions.

The TL 9000:2016 Release 6.0 (R6) Requirements Handbook came into effect from September 15, 2016, revised based on ISO9001:2015 requirements and now uses the Annex SL ten-clause structure. The old version, Release 5.5 will become obsolete by September 15, 2018.


Benefits of Implementing TL9000

TL9000 scheme benefits the telecommunications supply chain. Some of the benefits include:
  • A common set of requirements for quality management
  • Driving improvements through the use of benchmarking data
  • Eliminate the need for multiple management system standards
  • Promote the use of a performance-based management system with mandatory tracking and reporting of specific measurements.


TL 9000 Training Programmes

  • Understanding TL 9000 QMS Requirements
  • TL 9000 Internal Auditing


How different is TL 9000 from ISO 9001?
TL 9000 is based on ISO 9001, so an organisation that is already certified to this quality management system standard has fulfilled part of the requirements. An added element in TL 9000 is a focus on performance measurements for the telecommunications industry. QuEST Forum has published two handbooks to guide the implementation of the TL 9000 quality management system. They are the TL 9000 Requirements Handbook and the TL 9000 Measurements Handbook.

The TL 9000 Requirements Handbook contains all of ISO 9001 plusadditional requirements specifically addressing the needs of quality management system in telecommunication organisation.

The TL 9000 Measurements Handbook is a comprehensive guide to measurements processing, usage, responsibilities and requirements. It identifies performance measurements in the key areas of hardware, software, common, outage and service quality.

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