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Professional Expertise
Professional Expertise
Offers unparalleled knowledge and industry-focused solutions.
"Strive to ensure clients gain from our partnership."

As a leading organisation in the region specialising in training and consultancy for business improvement methodologies and strategies standards, Neville Clarke has a team of more than 150 dynamic and very experienced teams of industry-certified consultants and trainers. Each of them comes with a proven track record, good training abilities, and length of services ranging from 5 to 15 years.

As professionals driven by results, we strive to ensure that clients gain from our partnership. Our consultants offer unparalleled knowledge and provide effective, industry-focused solutions.

Practical Learning Approach
Practical Learning Approach
Easy to follow training modules provide maximum learning.
"Conducive training session for the exchange of ideas and proven techniques."

Neville Clarke uses a unique accelerated learning methodology as the building block for all training programmes. Plus with a lively mix of role-playing, workshops, "back at work" projects and hands-on activities in actual business scenarios, adds to the effectiveness of the learning experience.

To date, Neville Clarke has successfully provided trainings to more than 10,000 companies in the region, as well as helped customers achieve an accumulated savings of more than US$ 50 million for Business Excellence projects.

Deploy 6E Cycle to Business Success.
"Systematic approach ensures consistency across the countries we operate."

To ensure consistency in the process of knowledge acquisition and develop building blocks, we use 6E Cycle in helping you to establish the best business practices that suit you most.

6E Cycle Diagram

Whether it is rolling out a new project that takes your company to new levels of business efficiencies, or it is enhancing the development of your employees, we are able to customise these specifically for your organisation.

Offering Excellent Support
Offering Excellent Support
Offering excellent customer support to give you peace of mind.
"Before, during and post delivery service and supports."

Giving our customers the delivery service and support is one of Neville Clarke's core values. We take pride in providing the best level of customer service through quality and professionalism.

Call the nearest Neville Clarke office for supports!

Value for Money
Value for Money
We focus on delivering more for less, by getting it "right first time".
"Our value is in delivering more than the expectations of our clients."

Our willingness to listen make us unique enabling us to gain an understanding of the business challenges, provide effective solutions, and drive for tangible results. Our value is in delivering more than the expectations of our clients.

Our goal is to get to the root of the issues, and provide a measurable gain that will benefit our clients in the long term. This value and benefit is applied across the board. This enables us to provide a holistic and forward-looking approach and value to the business.

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