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Case Study for An Aerospace MRO Company - Building Foundation for Operational Excellence

Case Study for An Aerospace MRO Company - Building Foundation for Operational Excellence
This multi-national company is involved in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aerospace spare parts. Its parent company with its headquarters in Europe has embarked on the journey of Lean Manufacturing and has reaped significant benefits to its operations and bottom line. The directive from the headquarters was also, for the facilities in the various regions to adopt a continual improvement programme via Lean Manufacturing.

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5S – A Simple & Proven Productivity Success

Let’s face it, with stiff market competition companies are struggling to make ends meet. Some companies beat the odds & emerged stronger, by looking into & understand their internal operational factors in order to decide its most effective way for productivity improvement. Now if your company ever faced with the symptoms below; 

  • Untidy and congested work areas
  • Excessive motions or time needed to find  tools, materials, parts, accessories & documents
  • Painstakingly searching for tools, parts, materials & documents
  • Complaint of tripping hazard
then look no further - 5S is the proven solution for theseis.

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5S – A Simple & Proven Productivity Success

5S Blitz Kaizen: Rapid Organising with A-Class Results (ROAR)

5S is a continual improvement philosophy that focuses on workplace organising to facilitate the achievement of Customer Delight and organisations KPIs such as Quality, Costs, Delivery, Safety, Morale and Productivity (QCDSMP), on a sustainable mode. It remains the foundation or launching pad for future and more complex improvement activities.

Blitz Kaizen is a methodology whereby implementation is given a ‘steroids effect’ to jumpstart the improvement activities to be rapid and results-oriented. Hence the term Blitz rapid, focused, short-term strike at the issues or problems to be tackled. Kaizen is a Japanese term and it meant small, incremental improvement. It also means ‘to take it apart, and put it back together in good conditions. Combining the two terms, Blitz Kaizen means “small, focus, incremental improvement at rapid pace”

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The Power of 5S

“5S? We have been implementing 5S for years!” - a common respond by most when asked if they have heard of 5S. An explanation of 5S often comes in the way of “Oh, we get our people to organise and tidy up their workplace every day – keeps the place clean, you know!” A good practise, nonetheless, a mere shadow of what a true 5S system is about.

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