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How to Give a Killer Presentation

Posted on November 1, 2017 in Articles

Killer Presentation Skills

Presentation. It looks like a piece of cake to some people, but to some others, they prefer going to the dentist and get their molar tooth pulled out rather than to present in front of others.

The trick is that presentation is a skill, an acquired skill. It is not rocket science, and everyone and anyone can do it.

Here are some tips to give a killer presentation.

1.    Be a Storyteller, take the audience on a journey.
Think about the last time you were fully engaged with a presentation. What had you interested? After attending numerous speeches, I found that the most effective presenters were presenters who were presenting a story. It makes people be able to digest, remember and absorb. The story takes the audience on a journey, evokes emotions leaving them feeling inspired and motivated. Statistics have shown that if you present just the data vs data +story, people will act if you present both as it takes logic and emotions for our brain to function. How do you tell a story? One tip is to use the three-act structure which all screenwriters use. The Setup, the Confrontation and the Resolution.
The Setup:-  What is the problem?
The Confrontation:-  The struggle to solve the problem
The Resolution:-  How the problem was solved.

2.    Deliver your key message, the power of three
Somehow our brain can remember things better in threes. The power of three has been used ages ago such as Julius Caesar. He used ‘Veni’, ‘Vidi’, ‘Vici’ –translated from Latin as "I came, I saw, I conquered", and popularly attributed to Julius Caesar of Rome. When you prepare your presentations, write down three key messages. Once you have these three key messages, then plan your presentation around these key messages. Remember more doesn't mean that is better as people will most likely forget what you have said. 

3.    Be Confident, Fake it Till You Become It
You have probably heard of the quote fake it till you make it. It means acting confident until you generate the necessary confidence you need to succeed. I would say in presenting; you should fake it till you become it. Adopting a particular body language causes you to feel the emotions that come along with that body language. I used to be absolutely terrified of being on stage, my hands will shake, my speech will wobble, and I feel like throwing up. However, once I just stand straight, shoulders back, lift up my head to appear confident, I notice that all the nervousness disappear. Try this technique, and you will see that you will become more confident.

4.    Slow Down especially when you are talking about the key messages

Have you noticed that if you talk faster and with higher pitch people may talk over you? Speaking more quickly not only shows nervousness but it makes it harder for people to digest what you said. Speaking slower and emphasising on your key messages or key words makes people understand you easily and commands more attention. The slow pace of speaking makes it easier for you to control your intonations, pitch and tone of your voice for more maximum impact.

5.    Put yourself in your audiences' shoes, WII-FM  
Last but not least, try to think from your audience point of view by listing down what is in it for them? It is answering their "So What" and "What is in it For Me" = WII-FM. A person will only listen if they find that this is beneficial for them or that it is relevant to them or that they connect with the topic that you are talking about. So if you do not meet their WII-FM, there is nothing you can do to hold their attention to your presentation.

Interested in practising the killer presentation tips and learning more killer presentation practices? Contact us for our latest training on presentation skills.

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