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Thrive on Integration and Innovation

Posted on February 14, 2011 in Articles

As ISO (International Organization for Standardization) always points out to practice continual improvement, emerging new standards are on queue.  Even if we are certified on several international standards, we will always have options to expand our perspectives in meeting not just customer, but also specific company requirements and operational activities as well.  As ISO 9004 have well pointed the path, here’s to the emerging drive for the sustainable organisational success (SOS). Hence, Just as there are standards for organisational quality ( ISO 9000 ), environment (ISO 14000), information technology service management ( ISO 20000),  information security ( ISO 27000),  here are emerging standards among others that may provide the answers to our operational concerns....

We provide you with the news and insights on the emerging standards, In this list are ISO 14064, ISO 21500,  ISO 28000, ISO 29001, ISO 30301, ISO 31000, and  ISO 50001, as  a short list of the new standards in the pipeline of our sustainability journey that were created, or being drafted, to make the implementation of our processes easier, more effective and efficient:

Greenhouse Gas (ISO 14064)
ISO 14064 specifies the requirements for design, development, management, reporting and verification of the organisation’s GHG inventory.  This will help the climate change that already has political and financial implications, in addition to environmental concerns.

Project Management (ISO 21500)
Since there have been no common vocabulary or process that is being used in the project management community apart from guidelines and the PMBok, which also results into different definitions and interpretations, ISO is coming up  with this standard.  This will now provide a common platform for all project management professionals in facilitating knowledge transfer and harmonisation of principles, definitions and processes for the existing and future standards.

Security Management System (ISO 28000)
As trade grows more and more extensive across borders, this initiative is very important in the movement of our goods,   Security Management System Standard is a standard  established to help provide structure for organisations that rely or operate on aspects involving supply chain.  This will assist in minimising the risks of security incidents.

Oil and Gas (ISO 29001)
Implementing this will have a single system that can replace the multiple systems, audits and certifications for the oil and gas industry.  This incorporates the verbatim text of ISO 9001:2008 and includes detailed, sector-specific requirements for design, development, production, installation and service of products across the supply chain of the petroleum, petrochemical , and natural gas industry sectors.

Information and Documentation (ISO 30301)
The Management System Records standard presents a strategic approach to enable the organisation put in place the best practises for records management.  This will be useful also for   managers and auditors who are focused on transparency and accountability of the system particularly if there’s much at stake on the availability and integrity of the data.

Risk Management (ISO 31000)
This standard can be applied through wide range of business activities that may include strategies and decision-making, operations, projects, products, services and assets.  This can be utilised in harmonising the present risk assessment activities to provide a common approach in support to existing standards that require risk assessment and facilitate a risk-based approached in management across all business perspectives

Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
A standard that will answer the urgency of reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions by promoting best practices of energy management to reinforce good energy management behaviors.  It will provide a framework on how to integrate energy efficiency programmes into management principles.  This will also help us evaluate and prioritise the implementation of energy-efficient technologies.

From these new standards, Neville Clarke has come up with consulting services and trainings to provide assistance to ‘ organisations that thrives on innovation towards a  management system in motion’  Make your management system work through this learning and development initiatives from Neville Clarke… your learning partner….

Management System “New” courses:
1. EnMS Series: Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
2. SMS Series: Security Management System (ISO 28000)

Management System “Enhanced” courses:
1. Risk Management (ISO 31000) to Integrated Risk Management
2. Information and Documentation (ISO 30301) to Records Management

Integrated Management System Options :

1. Environmental Management System link with Energy Management System (ISO 50001)
2. Greenhouse Gas (ISO 14064) to Environmental Management System
3. Oil and Gas (ISO 29001) to Quality Management System
4. People Developer Programme – Project Management with Project Management (ISO 21500)

Operational Excellence “Innovation” Courses
1. Introduction to Innovative and Creative Circles
2. TRIZ Based Creative Problem Solving
3. Managing TRIZ-Based Structured Innovation (SI )
4. Structured Innovation Using TRIZ: Certified TRIZ Green Belt
5. Structured Innovation Using TRIZ: Certified TRIZ Black Belt

Please call us for “integration and innovation” options within the Integrated Management System series for both our Management System and Operational Excellence Courses

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