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Management Of Change : To Grow And Survive

Posted on January 4, 2013 in Articles

Management of Change (MoC) is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations from a current state to a desired future state. Structured approach means process of planning, organising, coordinating and controlling the resources to ensure that the process changes are implemented according to approved plans and the overall objectives of introducing the changes are achieved with as little disruption as possible.

Why we need to change? Organisation has to change to survive its business in the future, to improve the profit, to grow up and to stay competitiveness. While individuals change to improve their skills, to improve career opportunities, to broaden experience, and to improve quality of life. Relates to this change, we deal either lead, follow or resist. Anyway, it’s really better becoming a leader than follower!

Step by step  Management of Change deployment is as follows:
1.    Planning : focusing on goals, identifying the demand for change, planning ways to involve people,
       choosing a timescale, making an action plan, anticipating effects
2.    Implementing : communicating change, assigning responsibility, developing commitment, changing
       culture, limiting resistance
3.    Consolidating : monitoring progress, reviewing assumptions, maintaining momentum, building on

How to minimise problem when changing realised :
- Ensure there is full and visible commitment from the top management.
- Create environment of trust and shared commitment.
- Involve staff in decisions and actions which affect them.
- Full and genuine participation of all staff as early as possible.
- Team management and genuine feeling of shared involvement will help create acceptance of change.

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