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Communication : Building Rapport to get Response

Posted on April 22, 2013 in Articles

What is communication to you? Is it the art of interacting or a process of two-way communication? Is it about activities in exchanging  information, thoughts or messages? 

Communication Flow Chart


Have you had times thinking how our dynamic body communicate?

We communicate using our five senses.  We see, we hear, we feel, we smell and we taste of the information, make ‘sense’ of it and then act on it.

Communication is about getting the response that sender wanted to get from the receiver. One of thing that we usually learned in communication skills is about influencing. So, does this means the higher influencing skill a person possess the more effective communication it would be? If yes, how this can be created?

Influencing is about building rapport. What is rapport? Rapport is about openness and trust. It encourages participation or involvement, within which people can communicate or respond freely.  Building rapport can be
-mirroring body language such as eye contact, arm movements, body posture
-matching voice pace, tonality and volume
-matching use of language, and

We, human have the natural ability to create or destroy rapport.  When two people are in rapport, their bodies and words have tendency to match each other.  When matches, people are like each other, they would ‘like’ each other.  We do not have to like the other person to create rapport.

Once they are matched or engaged, it builds a bridge between both of them and makes the communication meaningful and responded.  Gaining rapport is the ability to draw responses.  Any mismatch cannot not ensure the message received is the same message sent. 

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