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Planned Changes in ISO 14001:2015

Posted on August 1, 2013 in Articles

ISO 14001 will be having a new look and expected to be published early 2015. TC207 is currently working on releasing the new ISO14001 based on the milestone in the below chart.

ISO 14001:2015 timeline


What will be the changes in this new revision? Though there will be transition period for addressing new requirement and nothing to be done by those with ISO 14001:2004 certification at this moment until it is released, it will be wise to stay up to date on the changes that might take place.

ISO/TC 207 is performing preliminary draft base on ISO Annex SL and “Future Challenge” study report. Annex SL is actually the Proposals for Management System Standards and it is under the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 - Consolidated ISO Supplement — Procedures specific to ISO.

The format of ISO 14001:2015 shall based on Annex SL (previously known as ISO 83) from ISO/TMB (Technical Management Board).  It was released on Apr 2013 and all new and current ISO Management System Standard (MSS) that migrating to next revision will adhere to new framework. The objective of this Annex is to deliver consistent and compatible management system standard, this will end conflicts, duplication, confusion and misunderstanding from different MSS.

The major clause numbers and titles of all management system standards will be identical.  The requirements in high level structure:


  1. Scope
  2. Normative references
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Context of the organization
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Support
  8. Operation
  9. Performance evaluation
  10. Improvement.

ISO/TC/207/S1 “Future Challenges” study were analyzed, including sustainable development, environmental performance improvement, legal compliance, strategic business management, conformity assessment and national/international policy agendas. The study group also analyzed the obstacles and opportunities to increase uptake of ISO 14001 in small organizations, to control environmental impact in the value/supply chain, engage stakeholders, and communicate externally.

Refer source for more information on ISO 14001 revision

Refer source for more information on Introducing Annex SL

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