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Eye Movements in Communication

Posted on March 10, 2014 in Articles

You will be able to discover that by looking at someone’s eyes, you could tell HOW they think!
Eye-movement can allow us to study how people process visual information in real time as they are engaged in a specific task.   The eye-movement is also one way of categorising exactly what a person does inside their head as they think.  
Patterns of eye movements will enable us to know how the brain controls the eyes to select, extract, and use visual information in communication.  We are not so much interested in content and do not get involved in the content.
The next time, pay attention to the process of your interaction with others.  You will be able to have clue how they think. Try it out!
 eye communication
A – images of things that people have never seen before. 
Example : Have you seen UFO?
B – making up sounds that people have not heard before
Example : Imagine the space shuttle landing at Pluto
C – people will look into this direction when the feelings or sense of touch being triggered
Example : What does it feel like to walk on the beach without shoes?
D – images of things that people have seen it, recalling from memory
Example : What colour is your bag?
E – people remember sounds or voices that they have heard before 
Example : Can you remember how the bay cried in the night?
F– eyes movement will be in this direction when people talking to themselves
Example : Can you list the ingredients for making a cake to yourself?


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