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ISO 39001 for both Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) and Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Posted on October 21, 2014 in Management Systems

“Apart from Thailand, Malaysia has the highest number of road deaths in South-east Asia”.
Malaysia recorded 25 deaths out of 100,000 people; compared to 38.1 in Thailand.
This was highlighted at the opening of the Inter¬national Crashworthiness Conference 2014, held for the first time in Malaysia. A statement by the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros), issued in conjunction with the event, said it was “more a sense of attitude than infrastructure that caused road deaths”.

Quoted from: The Star online – 26 August, 2014 (Tuesday)

In view of the above news, it is necessary to build a strong foundation of Road Traffic Safety (RTS) in our current road transportation system as a whole through a very systematic Management System such as ISO 39001. It may not be effective by just maintaining a highly reliable road facilities and the operation safety equipment in order to ensure the safety of road traffic. For this reason, along with the necessary basic infrastructure, an intensive management system shall be built, established and practiced to reduce possible road traffic safety related risks. In short, it means all the small and large companies alike can gain substantial benefits from a proven and structured approach.

As a result, for those SMEs that invest in ISO 39001 can definitely achieve the same benefits as larger companies, even we are aware that SMEs may always have tighter budgets and less time to manage the road traffic safety risks, which they normally face.

However, we are also aware that those risks are as unique as the business which they run. Hence, it is imperative that a structured approach is used in identifying and managing road traffic safety risk, reduce accidents, bring about safer working conditions and meet stakeholder expectations.

With ISO 39001, whether MNEs or SMEs, conforming to the road traffic safety management requirements through good practices and complying to legislation related to road safety will bring a clear and unequivocal focus on RTS results and evidence-based actions. At the same time, an organization will also understand that by investing in the international recognized road traffic safety standards, they can gain a bigger return such as:

  1. Strengthen their competitive advantages in the marketplace.
  2. Showing the customers and general public, their consideration for all road users’ safety.
  3. Significant reductions in death and serious injury.


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