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The Missing Piece In An Organisation; DiSC

Posted on May 12, 2015 in Articles

“I don’t understand why he is not bothered about the work!”

“Why can’t he just work and co-operate with us?”

“Why is he demotivated all the time?”

Look around. Have you noticed some people working around you feeling unhappy or unsatisfactory? Are they complaining more than they are producing? Why are there problematic colleagues? In recent years, this situation is becoming more and more common. At times, it becomes severe to a point employees are forcefully coming to work and are under performing. Worst of all is that organizations are unable to obtain the optimum commitment of their employees. There is a reason to it. What is more important is that there is a solution to it.

DiSC is an assessment that provides the pin point explanation of a person’s character and personality. It has separated it into 4 major categories making it a pie; Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, and Steadiness.

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A person’s personality is easy to read, but the person’s character is complex and is much harder to comprehend. DiSC makes it easy without going through dozens of questions. As shown above, DiSC comprises of different types of personalities custom and accurately matched for each individual. On top of that, DiSC is also able to elaborate on a more specific and personal level. What makes DiSC even more outstanding is the uniqueness and accurateness in deciphering a person’s character and personality.

What if people had their needs and wants written on their foreheads? What if the employee could be able to not just work, but perform? DiSC tells not only about what motivates people, it also tells of what stresses them out. It helps you help people. Organisations are made out of people and every individual in the organisation is unique. DiSC becomes the bridge between people, connecting people to make not only a growing work relationship, but also a healthy one. Imagine working with colleagues who knows how you want it done or told. What about doing work the way your superiors would appreciate? DiSC is the solution. It reveals the best way a person is suited to work.  It helps people in the organisation to express information or instructions in ways that are precise, understandable, yet acceptable.  This means effective communication is achieved.  With effective communication, there can be lesser miscommunication, lesser conflicts, and more importantly, better business results.

“Organisations have tried winning the hearts of the customers. Few are aware that more significantly is to win in the relationships that make an organisation successful.”

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