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Investment on Employees

Posted on August 25, 2015 in People Development

In today’s business world, we are constantly met with various challenging and unique situations. Some perceive them as demotivating. Some would give up on it. But for those successful businesses, they see these Investment on Employeesas opportunities that they can push their company further. This is not done by a single person’s effort but by a collective effort of efficient and talented man power.

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”

Costs can be minimized for profit but at times impact quality. However, employees are able to maximize volume of profit while maintain quality. Employees are an investment, financially and emotionally. The question is what sort of investments involves financial investments and emotional investments? One of the aspects that involve both of the above is investments on hard skills and soft skills.

For a long time, there are always discussions regarding soft skills and hard skills. Can one go without the other?

Hard skills are skills whereby the rules stay the same regardless of the company, circumstances, or people you work with. Soft skills on the other hand are dependent on the company culture and people you work with. Both soft and hard skills cannot be without each other if the company is to grow. They are aligned side by side for employees to thrive on challenges required. 

This vital fact has very often being overlooked. Why soft skills and hard skills are equally important? Why are these two set of skills both required in employees? Imagine the situation that employees who possess great valuable experiences but lacking communication skills and leadership skills, how would they be able delegate or perform business objectives as a team? What about employees with excellent working potential but lacking the knowledge on problem solving tools? How would they be able to lead a team?

The selection and grooming of employees have always been an important aspect of every company. However, many do not realise the growth of an employee directly impacts the company in a positive manner. Employees are in truth valuable growing assets that are worth investing on. Employees’ growth impacts the company’s growth.

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