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The A3 Report: A Lean Problem Solving and Reporting Process

Lean is getting the job done using only the necessary resources. It means the elimination of waste and unnecessary activities.

Many organizations spend a high percentage of employee time trouble-shooting and generating reports instead of creating value that brings in revenue for the organization.

The programme aims to provide a clear understanding of the importance of being Lean and how to be Lean in the area of problem solving and reporting within the organization. Delegates will be introduced to a simple yet effective tool that is able to capture the essence of the problem, analysis, action taken and the results. Hence the term “storyboard” is often used to describe the A3 report.

Course Content  
• Introduction to Lean
• 7 Operational waste
• Common mistakes and waste in reporting
• What is an A3 report
• The A3 problem solving process – Step by Step
• Key report content
• The report format
• Examples of A3 reports
• Group Workshop : The A3 report workshop
Delegates will have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt to establish an A3 report for a simulated situation.

Upon completion of the training, participants would be able to :
• Identify wastes that contribute to inefficiency in reporting
• Be able to carry out effective problem solving step-by-step according to the A3 reporting format
• Understand the importance of a broad-based in-depth fact finding and analysis prior to proposing countermeasures
• Establish an A3 report format that is concise, effective and informative for their organization

For Whom 
This programme is suitable for front line managers, team leaders, Senior Managers, Managers, Engineers, Executives and process owners who are responsible for problem-solving and reporting on operational, product or service, and quality issues in the organization.

All Neville-Clarke tutors are full time consultants and trainers.  The tutor has experience in assisting organizations to work through the problem solving process and developing the “storyboard” to enhance problem solving and learning within the organization.

This is a one-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

HRDF Scheme 
Claimable under SBL Scheme

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