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Building Team Innovation at Workplace

Posted on 27 June 2014

Innovation is the key advancement of most organizations in today’s world. In today’s information age, there is a lot going on. The need for companies to reinvent themselves repeatedly and rapidly is the only way to ensure long term survival. In fact, Innovations is the essential part of a company’s growth in both NPI (new product introduction) and process/operations improvement. Thus, innovation thinking goes beyond new product introduction and is applicable to process/operations improvement. Although many organizations recognize this fact, few can define what innovation means to them, let alone create a pervasive culture of innovation.


To get the ball rolling, Neville Clarke had recently organized an exclusive Tea Talk Programme on 24 June 2014 at Neville Clarke Learning Centre, Penang. The invited delegates from various organisations shared their various experiences trying to encourage innovation in their organisations and the difficulties faced.


The objective of the session is to share how to get organizations started with the culture of Innovation. Neville Clarke’s TRIZ trainer, Daryl Lee, gave a brief introduction to Genrich Altshuller’s structured approach to Innovation and the key success factors in Team Innovation.  Daryl also shared on the guided approach to enhance idea generation through Guided Brainstorming.
The session ended with a short tea break with networking among delegates. It gave the delegates the opportunity to mingle and exchange views and innovative ideas. This event was indeed a fruitful sharing session as the delegates gave very positive response to this Tea Talk.