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EICC Labor and Ethics Internal Auditing Training

Posted on 28 October 2014

This October month, at the Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City Kuala Lumpur, a fantastic participation from highly active delegates from various companies has shown the importance of EICC Labor and Ethics Internal Auditing Training.  As part of EICC Code requirement, periodic self-evaluation is necessary to ensure conformity to legal and regulatory requirements, the content of the Code and customer contractual requirements related to social and environmental responsibility.  In view of this, participants from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, have their full attention in learning the much needed internal auditing for the purpose of periodic self-evaluation of conformance to EICC Code.

The 2-day course provides the competencies necessary for internal auditors to perform effectively in determining the effectiveness of the implementation of the EICC Code in the organisation, namely, for this case is the Labor and Ethics requirements.

Participants have the opportunity to test their skills in determining the non-conformance(s) that may exist in an organisation as part of the workshop during the learning sessions.  As the final output, delegates have leant on how to validate and report non-conformances where an organisation shall use them for continual improvement in the implementation of EICC Code.