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Business Continuity Management – The Way To Sustain Your Business

Posted on 16 January 2015

The loss of aircrafts, Ebola outbreak, the flood and terrorism, just to name a few, these are the few high profile global issues that intrigued us in recent time.  Are you prepared for such crisis if it struck your organization? What are the actions if there is a fire, power outage, computer virus attack, equipment failure, or theft?  Business Continuity is not just about being up and running upon a crisis.  It’s about being ready for any incident that may cause a disruption to your business.

MMI Industries Sdn Bhd, a Malaysia based manufacturer of precision machining of hard disk drive components has now equipped with the knowledge of readiness to counter possible consequences of crisis without waiting for the disaster to strike. With the consultancy support from Neville Clarke Malaysia, MMI Industries Sdn Bhd has applied ISO22301 for business continuity management and they are one of the very first organizations to be certified with this management system.

With the broad and wide application of this management system, the members of this organization has the opportunity to understand more not only about their prioritized activities, key personnel, critical materials and vital documents, but also the existing and foreseeable vulnerabilities and weaknesses which pose devastating threats to their operation. The confidence level to be a better and more sustainable supplier to their customer has now enhanced significantly with the ability to proactively identify the impacts of an operational disruption and effective response to disruptions which minimizes the impact on the organization. On top of that, ISO22301 enable the organization to maintain an ability to manage uninsurable risks with a great culture of cross-team working. With the certification, it has helped MMI Industries Sdn Bhd to improve their reputation in the market and might gain a competitive advantage among the industry players, conferred by the demonstrated ability to maintain delivery.

Neville Clarke Malaysia is proud to work with them as their consultant in the journey towards the certification and we hope that more organizations will take the opportunity to embark on the excursion in building a culture of preparedness to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise.