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Building Team Innovation at Workplace Tea Talk in Kuala Lumpur

Posted on 14 May 2015

Neville Clarke held theTea Talk, entitled BUILDING TEAM INNOVATION AT WORKPLACE in April 2015. The session was conducted by Mr Daryl Lee, the Organisational Excellence Business Unit Manager. It was a lively and highly interactive session.

The session was attended by 10 participants from various industries ranging from Safety, Marketing, Lean and Continuous Improvement to QA departments. 
Many interesting issues were brought up during the session especially on common problems faced among the participants. An interesting history was on the discovery of Penicillin which was made known after more than 10 years after an accidental discovery of antibacterial properties. The great discovery of Penicillin would have been expedited if there were structured method of innovation. This gives us a good example how ideas and opportunities can be developed if there were a proper method of Innovation. Quoting an interesting slogan brought up from the TRIZ problem solving method that is- “Somebody Someplace has Already Solved the Problem” was shared.
This Tea Talk had benefited the participants especially in understanding the benefits in developing the organization towards business excellence. The session ended with a light lunch which gave the participants to opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas with each other. The event was indeed a fruitful session as the participants enjoyed the Tea Talk session

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