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Neville Clarke at Agilent’s QLEAN (Quality and Lean) Day

Posted on 14 August 2015

On the 29 July 2015, Neville Clarke was invited to be speaker for Agilent Technologies LDA Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s QLEAN (Quality and Lean) Day.  Presenting the talk was our Senior Consultant, Ms Christina Khaw. The session was attended by all levels of employees, with an estimate of 700 people, with the objective to instil awareness of quality and lean at their workplace.

QLEAN talk started with slides presentation coupled with videos of employees explaining the importance of quality. Next, there was a role-play event with 20 volunteers being grouped together into 4 groups to define what quality means to the end users of Agilent’s products, Technicians, Management of the company and doctors or nurses. These 4 groups did very well in delivering their points on the importance of quality.

The 2nd part of the talk was on LEAN. Christina gave the talk on the concepts of lean, 7 wastes and the benefits of lean. After the talk, there was a live demonstration on how lean principles are applied to their manufacturing plant using their own carton boxes as example. Again, there were volunteers from the floor to play the simulation, facilitated by Christina. This session was an eye opener as the audience were able to see how lean can benefit them.

The session concluded with Christina summarizing the importance of quality in the workplace and also lean as the way of life. The feedback of the talk was interesting and excellent.

The journey does not stop here. Come August, Neville Clarke will be working closely with Agilent with their upcoming Lean Programme. 

QLEAN (Quality & Lean) Day at Agilent Technologies by Neville Clarke