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Acting on Stakeholder Feedback

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Asking for feedback is still just talk. Acting on feedback is the trick and this session will cover how to organise that feedback to create a strategy for action.

We cover:
  • Using a simple questioning technique to gather data from your stakeholders about their needs and preferences
  • Capturing that data to drive you towards adding more value for customers and more engagement for staff
  • Creating a compelling visual map that sets out the changes you need to see
Anyone who deals with stakeholders (internal & external), such as customer service, sales, quality and frontlines.
Code Title Location
Bitesize02 Appreciative Inquiry Philippines
Bitesize03 Brilliance at Resilience Philippines
Bitesize04 The Change House Philippines
Bitesize05 Communicating with Impact Philippines
Bitesize06 Different Perspectives Philippines
Bitesize07 Emotional Intelligence – Introducing EI Philippines
Bitesize08 The Fine Art of Feedback Philippines
Bitesize09 Giving Feedback Philippines
Bitesize10 Keeping Customers Philippines
Bitesize12 Less Stress Philippines
Bitesize13 Managing Change Philippines
Bitesize14 Leadership vs Management Philippines
Bitesize15 Mind Maps Philippines
Bitesize16 People and Performance Philippines
Bitesize17 Positive Psychology – An Introduction to NLP Philippines
Bitesize19 Solving Problems Creatively Philippines
Bitesize20 Taking Control of your Career Philippines
Bitesize21 Working Together – Six Thinking Hats Philippines


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