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Effective Root Cause Analysis

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When facing a problem, how many times do we treat the issue and yet the problem recurs? Are we solving the problem at a surface level or do we need to look deeper into the problem to treat issue? If we are able to look deeper to find out the actual cause of the problem, fix the underlying cause and make it stay fixed so that the problems go away for good, then it is a good methodology.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is one of the most common actions (methodology) required at every organization to solve day-to-day operational problems. Yet, many has yet to grasp the essence of RCA to deliver the outcome effectively.

This program takes a practical hands-on approach to systematically state the problem, understand the situation, root up the cause, fix the cause and make sure the problem stay fixed. A concise and yet flexible approach, this proven model can solve your day-to-day operational problems with ease. It can also be expanded to solve more complicated problems. This will ensure that problems are solved at the root cause level, which will effectively prevent their recurrence.

Special note to Automotive Industry Manufacturers:
As per the IATF 16949:2016 requirements clause 10.2.3 Problem Solving, organizations that intend  to be certified to IATF 16949:2016 are required to have defined approaches for various types of problem, containment actions, root cause analysis methodology, implementation of corrective actions, verification of the effectiveness of implemented corrective actions, reviewing and updating of documented information such as PFMEA, Control Plan, as applicable. This programme provides a good foundation into the understanding of Problem Solving Technique and how it is applied to comply to the requirements of the standard.

This program aims to help delegates:
  • Understand the concept, definition and process of the root cause analysis using SURF methodology
  • Uncover the real root causes of problems faced in their daily operations and enable fact-based decision-making
  • Understand and differentiate the different types of causes within a problem
  • Effectively applying the appropriate tools in the process of root cause analysis

Upon completion of this program, delegates are able to:
  • Understand and apply the Root Cause Analysis using SURF model in problem solving
  • Stratify the different types of causes: Direct, Contributing and Root Causes effectively for greater clarity during problem solving
  • Use appropriate tools/techniques for analysing possible causes, drill down to root causes and develop solutions for a problem
  • Select the appropriate solutions in a structured manner
  • Lead or facilitate small group improvement activities to solve routine problems in the organization


Day 1
  • Introduction to Root Cause Analysis
  • State the Problem
    • Team Formation
    • Problem Identification
  • Understand the Situation
    • Gather Information & Data
      • Use Process Mapping to get clarity of the problem
      • Use Data Collection Plan to gather data to support decision-making
  • Root Up the Cause - Identify and Shortlist Potential Causes
    • Use Brainstorming technique to generate potential causes
    • Analyse potential causes using Cause and Effect Diagram
    • Use Multi-voting technique to shortlist potential causes
Day 2
  • Root Up the Cause - Drilling down to the Root Cause
    • Use Why-why Analysis to drill down to the root cause
    • Introducing Fault Tree Analysis technique to find out the root cause
  • Fix It and Make It Stay Fixed
    • Use How-how Analysis to generate solutions
    • Use SCRAMPER technique to generate more ideas
    • Assess the potential risks of implemented solutions using Potential Risk Assessment
    • Measure effectiveness of action taken to prevent recurrence of the problem
    • Share lessons learned and assemble documented information in the RCA report
Delegates are encouraged to discuss and analyse real-life problems during the group activity sessions. Their active participation is required to ensure there is application of the methodology, techniques and tools introduced in this program.
Front line managers, team leaders, quality assurance engineers/executives, supervisors and facilitators responsible for problem-solving or initiating improvement initiatives will benefit from this program. They may be involved in
  • data collection
  • root cause analysis
  • selection of the appropriate solution
  • ensuring implementation and effectiveness
  • reporting on the problems and the follow-up action
All BSI Neville Clarke tutors are full-time.  The tutor assigned is an experienced professional with practical application of the subject matter, who will be able to understand and meet the unique requirement of your industry.

The tutor is able to facilitate discussion and guide the delegates towards possible solutions during the group activity sessions.


This is a two-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
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Available Dates
Philippines, Cebu   2 Days
12-13 September 2019
Philippines, Manila   2 Days
24-25 October 2019


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