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An Introduction to Lean Warehousing

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Warehousing is expensive!! With the current economic situation, there is a need to increase the flexibility of warehousing operations through process design and layout configuration. Thus minimizing the cost of warehousing has become an important task for many organizations. Lean Warehousing, a practical concept, can be applied to improve warehouse resource utilization while maintaining or improving customer service.

In Lean Warehousing, Lean principles are applied to warehousing facilities and operational activities to enhance service responsiveness, speed, lead-times and productivity.

This programme aims to help participants :

  • Understand the purpose of Lean Warehousing and its approach
  • Identify common wastes in warehouse operations
  • Know how various types of wastes impact operations and profitability
  • Be aware of the various types of tools to eliminate specific wastes.

Upon completion of this programme, participants are able to:
  • Comprehend the concept of Lean Warehousing
  • Identify wastes in their warehouse
  • Apply some Lean tools to analyse and eliminate the waste
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and savings
  • Recommend ideas for a more efficient warehouse operation
  • Quantify the savings that result from Lean improvement
This programme combines theory with group exercises, simulation activities and a case study to convey the concept of what is a Lean Warehouse and how it can benefit the organization. Numerous examples of good warehouse practices from real companies are also given during the programme.

Day 1
  • Functions of a warehouse
  • What is Lean
  • Lean Warehousing – an introduction
  • Common Waste in Warehousing
  • Lean Tools and Techniques for the Warehouse
  • Lean Warehouse simulation game

This is a simulation activity during which participants experience an inefficient warehouse and apply the appropriate Lean tools to transform it into a Lean warehouse

Day 2

  • Profiling Warehouse Activities
  • 5S and Visual Control
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Process Flow Analysis Chart
  • Learning to See
  • Monitoring the results
  • Information Technology in Warehouse Operations
  • Group Activity : Case Study

This is a team exercise that requires the participants to analyze a warehouse’s operations, identify the wastes and recommend areas for improvement

This programme is suitable for Managers and Supervisors from manufacturing facilities, freight forwarding organizations, warehouses and stores, or any facility dealing with high frequency and high volume material movement and storage.
This is a two-day course running from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Code Title Location
LEA01 Lean Manufacturing Value Stream Improvement Philippines
LEA03 Lean Office: Improving Transactional Processes with Lean Philippines
LEA06 Certified Lean Practitioner Philippines
LEA07 Certified Lean Expert Philippines
LEA08 Certified Lean Master Philippines
LEA11 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) : Key to Production Effectiveness Philippines
LEA16 Standard Operations with Training Within Industry (TWI) Philippines
LEA18 The A3 Report: A Lean Problem Solving and Reporting Process Philippines
LEA23 Lean Supply Chain Management : Extending the Lean Enterprise Philippines
LEA24 Lean Deployment Management with Hoshin Kanri Philippines
LEA31 Advanced Pull Manufacturing with Heijunka Philippines
LEA32 Zero Defects Through Poka Yoke Philippines
LEA33 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Explained Philippines
LEA34 A Guide to Kaizen Implementation Philippines
Available Dates
Philippines, Manila   2 Days
09-10 September 2019


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