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Designing and Managing Training Evaluation

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Is this training right? What to evaluate? How to evaluate?When to evaluate?Are the knowledge and skill transferred to the job? What is the training investment return?

These are common questions to be addressed by evaluators and underline the complexity of any effort to evaluate training. The quality of training directly impacts human resource and then business performance. Clear understanding and objectives for such evaluation is vital for reliable results and effective decision-making for returns in training investment.

This course introduces performance improvement models and approaches from training needs assessment to implementaion that enable evaluators better-informed of efforts with continual improvement in mind. Activities and samples are provided to accelerate application and later your customization to organization system needs.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to
  • Decribe and outline conceptual framework and processes needed for evaluation
  • Determine how individual competency can be measured and developed
  • Establish a systemic performance-focused evaluation programme
  • Recognize data and methods to be used for interpretations for a situation that enable action or improvement plan
Day 1
  • Fundamentals of Evaluation
    • Linkages between Business Performance and Work Performance Standard
    • Training cycle
    • Types of Evaluation Measures
    • Key Factors of an Evaluation Strategy
  •     Performance Evaluation Models
    • Learning objectives and Important criterias in evaluation
    • Kirkpatrick Model
    • Learner Centric Evaluation (LCE)
Day 2
  • Tools, Techniques and Analysis of Evaluation
    • Hard and Soft Data
    • Guidance for Asseesment on Evaluation
      • Techniques
      • Sources of Data
    • Data to monetary values
  • Communicating Evaluation Results
    • Monitoring and Measurement Reporting
    • Establishing Evaluation Report and Post-mortem
    • Organisational Training Policies and Improvement Actions
This course is for managers, HR and training and development practitioners managers, executives and officers who have people performance and development responsibilities.

This is a participatory and practical course that uses a variety of teaching and learning methodologies, including accelerated learning.  Participants will engage in experiential learning to discover strategies that can be implemented in their workplace. They can expect to engage indiscussions and coaching session.


This is a two-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Code Title Location
Available Dates
Philippines, Manila   2 Days
10-11 December 2019


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