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Certified Lean Master

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Moving on from operational to organizational transformation requires greater competencies.  This requires change leaders, which we call Lean Masters.

This training will equip participants with comprehensive understanding of Lean initiatives. Participants would be able to confidently address Lean issues and opportunities at the corporate and operational levels. In addition, participants would be able to make recommendations to top management on the direction and vision of the Lean initiatives.  


This programme is designed to provide Lean Masters with the ability to :
  • Understand the contents of Lean initiatives – philosophy, principles and techniques
  • Lead and manage Lean improvement teams for breakthrough performance   
  • Train and guide Lean experts on Lean initiatives   
  • Lead in identifying and prioritizing key improvement opportunities and obstacles     
  • Support top management business strategy via Lean activities and roadmap   
  • Sponsor and arrange resources to sustain improvement gained and ongoing activities.


Upon completion of the progrmme, participants would be able to :
  • Lead and manage Lean improvement projects  
  • Perform in-depth training on Lean principles and techniques   
  • Apply relevant Lean principle and techniques to eliminate wasteful practices     
  • Establish key performance metrics to monitor progress and results attained   
  • Guide and support Lean experts on identifying and managing opportunities
  • Initiate and sustain Lean transformation for the organisation

Flight 1 – 5 days
  • Introduction to the Lean Master Program  
  • An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing   
  • Value Stream Improvement
  • Understanding 5S Principles (this is a compulsory e-Learning module to be completed by the participant in his/her own time within 30 days of course confirmation)
  • Work Engineering for Smooth Flow Manufacturing
  • Lean Project Management
  • Back At Work Tasks Discussion 1  
  • Flight 1 Lean Knowledge Assesment (Quiz)
Flight 2 – 5 days
  • Review Back At Work Tasks 1
  • Training Within Industry : The Foundations of Lean
  • Quick Changeover for Operational Flexibility and Responsiveness  
  • Total Productive Maintenance : Key to Production Effectiveness
  • Zero Defect through Poka Yoke
  • Back At Work Tasks Discussion 2
  • Flight 2 Lean Knowledge Assessment (Quiz and Value Stream Mapping & Analysis)
Flight 3 – 5 days
  • Review Back At Work Tasks 2
  • Creating Pull Production with Kanban System
  • Heijunka : Level Loading Demand for Steady Flow
  • Lean Warehousing
  • Lean Supply Chain : Managing Material Flow
  • Back At Work Tasks Discussion 3
  • Flight 3 Lean Knowledge Assessment (Quiz and QCD analysis)
Senior Managers, Managers, Engineers, operational professionals and personnel responsible for operational capacities, flexibility and responsiveness to meet demand.
Certification Criteria    

Lean Master Certification Criteria

Training (Certificate of Attendance)
  • Completion of Lean Master Training with a minimum attendance of 80% per Flight

Certification Criteria (Certified Lean Master) - Optional
  • Completion of Lean Master Training with a minimum attendance of 80% per Flight
  • Completion of Understanding 5S Principles (e-learning)
  • Pass all the Quizzes (each flight and e-learning),
  • Pass the Value Stream Mapping and Analysis Assessment (Flight 2) and QCD Analysis Assessment (Flight 3)
  • Completion of 2 Lean projects with application of at least 1 Lean tool from each of the 3 flights
  • Project reports submitted to and approved by Neville Clarkes’s assessor
  • Projects savings / benefits achieved  for both projects must total more than RM50,000 per annum
  • Project results must impact 2 or more of the performance indicators related to Quality, Cost and Delivery
  • Project savings / benefits achieved to be validated and endorsed by finance / senior management of the participant’s organisation, as real gains.

Note :
Participants must be involved and contribute to the Lean Project. Activities that fulfil this criteria :
  • Participant is a project team leader or team member
  • Participant contributes ideas on Lean tool application
  • Participant is involved in data collection, analysis and solution implementation

Activities that do not fulfil this criteria : Attending meetings, reviewing reports and scheduling project related activities.

Each Lean Master participant will be given a period of 12 months from completion of the Flight 3 training to complete 2 Lean Master projects for submission and certification.

All BSI Neville Clarke tutors are full time trainers.  The tutor assigned is an experienced professional with practical application of Lean. The tutor will be able to share experiences and provide advice and guidance to steer your organization towards successful Lean implementation and culture transformation.

This is a 15 days course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm each day and is spread over 3 Flights, over 3 months.  
Code Title Location
LEA01 Lean Manufacturing Value Stream Improvement Philippines
LEA03 Lean Office: Improving Transactional Processes with Lean Philippines
LEA06 Certified Lean Practitioner Philippines
LEA07 Certified Lean Expert Philippines
LEA11 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) : Key to Production Effectiveness Philippines
LEA16 Standard Operations with Training Within Industry (TWI) Philippines
LEA18 The A3 Report: A Lean Problem Solving and Reporting Process Philippines
LEA19 An Introduction to Lean Warehousing Philippines
LEA23 Lean Supply Chain Management : Extending the Lean Enterprise Philippines
LEA24 Lean Deployment Management with Hoshin Kanri Philippines
LEA31 Advanced Pull Manufacturing with Heijunka Philippines
LEA32 Zero Defects Through Poka Yoke Philippines
LEA33 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Explained Philippines
LEA34 A Guide to Kaizen Implementation Philippines
Available Dates
Philippines, Manila   15 Days (3 Phases)
Phase 1: 14-18 October 2019
Phase 2: 11-15 November 2019
Phase 3: 16-20 December 2019


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