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Lean Deployment Management with Hoshin Kanri

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Hoshin Kanri is one of the title commonly used in the Western World to describe strategic deployment. This is a system of business planning and deployment which evolved in Japan from Peter Drucker’s Management by Objectives (MBO).  Thus, a lean implementation initiatives can be deployed company-wide with Hoshin Kanri.

The process of implementing Hoshin Kanri is a deliberate and careful one, in which few most important organizational goals are deployed throughout the organizations. In general, the implementation process consists of five major steps :

  1. Development at the top executive level of a long term vision
  2. Selection of a small number of annual target to move organization toward the vision
  3. Development of plans at all levels of organization to achieve the annual target
  4. Execution of the plans
  5. Regular audits of the plans

A key element of the hoshin discipline is the horizontal and vertical alignment of many separate plans that are developed. All ambiguities are clarified and conflicting targets or means are negotiated.

This training course will provide participants with sound knowledge of the concepts and practical knowledge of hoshin planning and execution. In addition, participants would have hands-on learning experience on going throught the detailed process of strategic formulation with Hoshin Planning.

This programme aims to help delegates :

  • Understand the concept of Hoshin Kanri and its relation to strategic formulation
  • Understand the 5 major implementation steps and its’ detailed activities
  • Establishing Vision, Mission and Strategies 
  • Deploy management vision via Matrix Cascade and Catch-Ball principles to next  level
  • Understand the similiarities or differences between Targets / Means and KRA and KPI

Participants would be able to :

  • Perform the Hoshin Kanri 5 major implementation steps
  • Establish vision, strategic thrusts and CSIs that initiates change to world class practices
  • Focus on vertical and horizontal alignment with Matrix Cascade techique
  • Build ownership and commitment with Catch-Ball concept
  • Sustain and further gain improvement by applying the PDCA cycle
  • Development of long term vision and hoshin plans for company wide execution
  • Understanding Hoshing Kanri
  • SWOT and PESTE Analysis
  • Establish / Review vision, mission and strategies
  • Establish critical success indicators (CSIs)
  • Identification of strategic thrusts
  • Catch-Ball with functional group managers on Vision and CSIs
  • Deployment of strategic thrusts and CSIs via Matrix Cascade
  • Target setting with SMART concept
Directors, Senior Managers, Section Managers, Engineers, Operational professionals and personnel who are involved in the strategic planning and operational environment.
This is a one-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
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