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Lean Office: Improving Transactional Processes with Lean

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A successful Lean Entreprise institutionalises lean applications in both its operational and transactional / office administrative systems. Transaction processes are building blocks that hold the structure of a business together at every level. At the enterprise level, transaction processes such as order entry, customer service, account payable and receivable, requests for quotation affect both customers and suppliers. At the organizational level, transaction processes for human resources, product development, information technology, purchasing, and engineering change notice affect the effectiveness of the workforce. At the departmental and individual levels, transaction processes impact employees’ motivation and productivity. 

This training is designed for individuals and teams who work in offices or supporting functions, and the service environment. This course introduces lean tools to learn to see waste in transaction processes, streamline process steps and improve process delivery efficiency. The tools presented are specific to help create flow, reduce hand-offs, improve workplace organization, clarify and standardize work procedures, and subsequently improve transactional / office administrative delivery lead time.

Participants will experience hands-on learning, utilizing the tools and improving a transaction process through a simulation activity.

  • Understand Lean Principles and it’s application in office transactional processes
  • Grasp the essence of Lean  – elimination of inefficiencies and wastes  
  • Know the specific lean tools and techniques to address transaction/office processes

Upon completion of this programme, participants would be able to :
  • Identify types and sources of  inefficiencies in transactions
  • Apply ‘easy-to-understand’ Lean techniques to eliminate / reduce wasteful activities. 
  • Apply Lean techniques to their organisation’s processes to improve the both internal and external customer experience
  • An introduction to Lean Office
  • Understanding the 8 Wastes in Transactional Processes
  • The 7 Levers of Lean Office
  • Lean Office Toolbox
    • Process Flow Chart
    • Process Map
    • Swim-lane Diagram
    • Value Stream Map
    • SIPOC Diagram
    • Consumption & Fulfilment Map
  • Simulation Workshop
Top Management, Lean Leaders/Facilitators, Heads of Supporting Department (HR, Product Life Cycle, IT, Finance, Administrative…etc), and individuals who work in office/supporting functions, and service environment.
All Neville-Clarke tutors are full time consultants  and trainers.  The tutor assigned is always an experienced professional with practical application of Lean, who will be able to provide guidance and advice to address the unique requirements of your organisation.

This is a one-day course running from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
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